Barter Works!! AMX will show you how!

A Modern Day Revival Of The Ancient Art Of Bartering

The American Exchange Network (AMX) is one of the leading companies in the business to business trade industry. Established in 1982, AMX has affiliates around the world with a trading network of thousands of companies worldwide.

Every business needs the products and services of other companies.

Products are bought and sold without using cash.

Organized trade is the opportunity for a business to pay expenses with the wholesale value of its product or service, rather than with retail cash profits

We use high tech software much like traditional currency utilizing a debit and credit system.
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Harold Rice Talks About Bartering With Fox 4 News In Kansas City

    Central in shaping bookkeeping, accounting procedures and best practices within the modern Trade and Barter industry.
    Harold Rice Has Been In Commercial Bartering From 1976-Present. He has two IRTA Paul St. Martin Distinguished Service Awards and a
     NATE Distinguished Service Award. He has 20 total years of Board service, 6 years IRTA Board service and 14 years NATE Board service.
    He has held the Treasurer position in both IRTA and NATE.